2022 Conference Program

All times for the conference are in Eastern Time.

For the duration of the conference there will be "lobbies," "coffee shops," and "restaurants" open to allow for those random run-ins and conversations that we all miss from in-person conferences. 


11:00-11:45am Networking Pairs

12:00-12:30pm Welcome to ACSLHE

12:30-1:30pm Opening Keynote: Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes

1:30-2:15PM Lunch Break 

We encourage you to have lunch with colleagues during this time as you would any other conference. Take a look at the registrants page and see who you can get together over a meal. 

2:15-3:15pm Workshops

For more details visit the workshop page. 

3:15-3:30pm Break 

3:30-4:30pm Closing Keynote: Lama Rod Owens

4:30-5:30pm Tales from the Field

You will find more details about his shortly. This will be an opportunity to share about life with people who may be working in a similar context as you. 

8:00-9:30pm Panel Discussion: Field Guide for Aspiring Chaplains in Higher Education

Hosted by Chaplaincy Innovation Lab

For more information, visit their website.


11:00-11:45am New Member Networking

12:00-1:00pm Opening Keynote: A Conversation with Wajahat Ali & Kate Bowler

1:00-2:00pm Lunch with Affinity Groups

If you'd like an affinity group space created please fill out this form by February 4th.

2:00-2:15pm Break

2:15-3:15pm ACSLHE Business Meeting

3:15-3:30pm Break

3:30-4:30PM Workshops

For more details visit the workshop page.

4:30-5:30PM Lobby/Mentoring Meet Up

If you signed up to be a Mentor or Mentee then you've already been matched. Nathan Albert will be in touch with further details. If you're interested in becoming a Mentor or being Mentored in the future visit the page on our website

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