University Chaplaincy in Practice

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The purpose of this journal is to provide public-oriented content written for practitioners and to represent the scholarship of our membership. This includes methodological research, poetry, liturgy, campus-wide faith services, art, case studies, and more. While we welcome research based writing, the main focus of the journal is to provide relevant and replicable resources.  

It has been designed to provide accessible resources across religious, secular, and spiritual identities.

The journal was born out of the vision and mission of ACSLHE. 

Vision: ACSLHE is the leading authority on religious and spiritual life in higher education.

Mission: Association for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Life in Higher Education (ACSLHE) supports higher education chaplaincies and nurtures religious and spiritual life professionals through scholarship, education and collaboration. 

This journal can impact the work done in higher education through chaplaincy, recognizing that chaplains have a substantial and unique insight into institutions of higher education.

The Journal seeks to:

  • Provide suggestions, trends, and case studies of innovative practices within chaplaincy in higher education

  • Identify a gap in religious studies and those that are intersectional in pastoral care and the world at large

  • Where our field is and exploring context in which we work for the betterment of chaplaincy in higher education as a whole

  • Attend to the intersectional nature of chaplaincy in higher education, interfaith dialogue, and community engagement that illuminates how race, gender, class, sexuality, dis/ability, nationality, and more impact the relationship among spiritual communities and the secular domain

*Disclaimer: we are evolving in real time and with it requirements may change.

We appreciate everyone's patience as we build our journal.


  • Mission + Vision Agreement

  • Membership Status: Active Member

  • Word Count (see below)

  • Topic: About or beneficial to practitioners in the field of university chaplaincy

  • View the style guide for more details about submission requirements

Types of Submissions:

Please keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list. We welcome all submissions that fit within our mission as an organization. See the style guide for more details on what needs to be included for each type of contribution.

  • Article: 2,500 - 10,000 words
  • Case Study: 2000 words max
  • Expression (This may be Liturgy, Art, Poetry, Order of Service etc.)
  • Assessment Tools
  • Book Reviews: 800 words max

Each submission will be anonymously peer-reviewed. Reviewers will be evaluating based on accessibility to university chaplaincy as a whole, ability to engage, and innovation. If you are interested in being a reviewer, email

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