Who We Are:

ACSLHEpronounced AXLE

The Association for Chaplaincy and Spiritual Life in Higher Education (ACSLHE) brings together professionals who are committed to nurturing the religious and spiritual life of students as a critical part of the mission of higher education in the 21st century. We work within the structures of higher education to engage issues of meaning in the lives of the students, staff, and faculty of university communities.

The vision of ACSLHE is to be the leading authority on religious and spiritual life in higher education. As an organization, ACSLHE supports higher education chaplaincies and nurtures religious and spiritual life professionals through scholarship, education, and collaboration.

Our values include:

  • Professional Development, Excellence, and Ethical Practices
  • Relational Collegiality and Shared Wisdom
  • Radical Welcome of Religious Pluralism, Spiritualities, and Worldviews
  • Social Justice, Equity, and Respect for Humanity. 
Members include deans, directors, and chaplains of various roles; large research universities and small liberal arts colleges; and leaders of a wide range of religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions.

ACSLHE is the result of the merging of the National Association of College and University Chaplains (NACUC) and the Association of College and University Religious Affairs (ACURA) that occurred in 2020.

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